Halloween Videos

By | November 2, 2007

These are the videos we made during our Halloween “Fright Night”. (Sorry for the poor quality – they were all shot at night. I tried to lighten them up a bit, which made them a little grainy but easier to watch)

[flashvideo filename=/wordpress/wp-content/videos/halloween-2007/MVI_1083.swf width=533 height=400 text=hello /]
This first video shows me sitting motionless in my ‘Reaper’ costume until they get too close….then I strike!

[flashvideo filename/wordpress/=wp-content/videos/halloween-2007/MVI_1091.swf width=533 height=400 /]
This group suspects I might be ‘real’ but I do not confirm their worst fears until the last minute. The costume is over 9 feet tall when I’m standing up!

[flashvideo filename=/wordpress/wp-content/videos/halloween-2007/MVI_1092.swf width=533 height=400 /]
At first I’m out of view in this video at the start and you can see the kids taunting me.

[flashvideo filename=/wordpress/wp-content/videos/halloween-2007/MVI_1159.swf width=533 height=400 /]
You can here Jay asking the kids if they want some candy….

[flashvideo filename=/wordpress/wp-content/videos/halloween-2007/MVI_1160.swf width=533 height=400 /]
…and then he chases them off with a chain saw!

[flashvideo filename=/wordpress/wp-content/videos/halloween-2007/MVI_1169.swf width=533 height=400 /]
You can hear a man in this video prompting his kids to approach the ‘Reaper’!

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