My own TileUI – Part 2

By | June 9, 2008

This version is not nearly as cool as the previous one I posted.  It doesn’t have any of the cool selection or stacking features and there is no 3D in this version.  It was just a test app that I built to experiment with FOAM.

While I was ripping off Doug’s TileUI project that I showed in my previous post, I also borrowed his FOAM tile Physics Container class which allowed me to mix Flex UI components with the FOAM physics engine. I started to build my TileUI clone using the FOAM engine but I switched to APE given the amount of documentation available for that implementation.  That’s unfortunate since the FOAM engine seems to make the particles behave in a more realistic manner.

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5 thoughts on “My own TileUI – Part 2

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  2. Bill Post author

    It has been a little while since I created these demos but as I recall, there was something along the way that made me choose APE over FOAM when combining it with PaperVision3D to create the first demo. I think that FOAM (at the time) was not as mature and APE seemed an easier way to create the sprite interactions underneath. You might give it a try with FOAM now and see how far you get. 🙂


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