Flight Monitoring Demo Video

By | July 25, 2008

This is a video of a prototype I put together a while back. It is a system to monitor incoming airline flight information that I wrote using Livecycle Data Services and UI components I scavenged and modified from the Flex Interface Guide site and the Network Monitor demo. Incoming JMS messages containing flight information are pushed to the UI and displayed in realtime. It was just a proof of concept and since it was for a client I cannot provide the source ( sorry 🙁 ) but it is based on LCDS and open source components from Adobe so you can check out their code if you want to see what I used as a starting point.

[SWF]/wordpress/wp-content/videos/monitor-demo/MonitorMap_skin.swf, 600, 450[/SWF]

2 thoughts on “Flight Monitoring Demo Video

  1. Suhrob

    Could you share the source codes plz?

    I would like to look at ..

    1. Bill Post author

      Unfortunately no, since this was written for a customer. However, I would suggest that you search around for the sample code that comes packaged with the Adobe Blaze DS and Adobe Flex Data Services. There was a demo showing how to use the data push features of FDS where they demo a pretend taxi cab company that has two screens that update simultaneously and I used that as a starting point for this one.


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