Classic Mac SE/30

By | September 4, 2021

Wanted to share my latest addition to the classic Mac collection: a vintage 1989 Mac SE/30. I loved this machine and at the time it was released, it would have cost nearly $6000 fully loaded. This monster was considered to be the premium Mac from the time it was released in 1989 well into the early 1990’s. Even when the Macintosh Color Classic was released in 1993, the SE/30 could still run circles around it. It could (eventually) accommodate up to 128 Mb of RAM (insane for that era) and it was considered a powerhouse even though it only sported a black and white monitor.

I grabbed this one off eBay and retro-fitted it with a Mac SD card and a recapped motherboard. I even used my 3D printer to design and print a custom bracket to fit the Mac SD card, leaving the slot accessible in the back swap out the SD card. I sent the Mac SD card creator the .stl files in case anyone needs them:

The finished result is a thing of beauty. 🙂

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