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D3 Pan and Zoom Reuse Demo

Here is a quick and dirty demo to show how one could reuse the pan and zoom code for other types of layouts. This is in response to this inquiry from the d3 forum. See the Pen cwbjo by Bill White (@billdwhite) on CodePen.

d3 Circle Pack Label Truncation

I had a question in the comments for the treemap label wrapping post about how to go about truncating the labels within the d3 Circle Pack example from Mike Bostock. Here is what I came up with. For the sake of brevity, I used the SVG text element so you get truncation but not wrapping.… Read More »

Two More Intellij Plugins Updated

Just an FYI for IntelliJ users: I’ve updated 2 more existing plugins that had been left for dead: SVG Viewer 2 – Github Source Code Lock 1.2 – Github Source Both of these were plugins that looked mildly useful but would throw errors when used with the latest version of the IntelliJ Idea. The email… Read More »