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I have been so busy these past few years that have not had a chance to contribute to my blog. While I am not actively adding content, I plan to keep it open in case anyone finds the previous articles of interest. 🙂

Give it Five Minutes – Article Link

I absolutely love this article. It was written a few years ago but it is still some of the best advice on how we should react to new ideas. I’ve often found that I have the exact same reaction described by the author and I am working hard at mastering the habit of “giving it… Read More »

d3 Minimap Pan and Zoom Demo

I put together a little demo to show how to setup a canvas with a corresponding minimap that displays an overview of the contents of the canvas. You can use the mousewheel on either the main canvas or the minimap to zoom in and out. You can also drag either the image or the minimap… Read More »

d3 Wrapping Flow Tree Layout

One d3 visualization I’ve been refining for a while now uses a flowing tree layout. I wanted to have a structure similar to the standard d3 tree layout which would position consistently-sized leaf nodes (children) in a recursively flowing (wrapping) arrangement. I also wanted to take a stab at building this layout as a library… Read More »

d3 Treemap Label Truncation

I received a comment asking how to truncate labels in my treemap example. Here is a quick example showing how I handled it on a recent project. I am sure there are other ways to do this and if anyone has a better alternative, please detail it in the comments. Basically, when using labels in… Read More »

Flex 4.5 is out!

After weeks of waiting since the mid-April announcement, Flex 4.5 and FlashBuilder 4.5 are finally available. Download it here!

Core Flex 4 – Filters in spark.filters vs flash.filters

After looking briefly at the API docs, I noticed that there are duplicates of several of the filter classes with the same name.  For example, there is a DropShadowFilter in the spark.filters package and there is another one by the same name in the flash.filters package.

Flex 4 Released

I just checked the website and they’ve posted the links for the officially released versions of Flex 4 and Flash Builder 4. For those of you who have not yet taken a look at the great new features in Flex 4, I would encourage you to check it out. It is simply awesome.

Day 2 – 360|Flex Random Thoughts and Observations

Here are some additional thoughts about 360|Flex so far. In case you missed it, here is day 1. Day 2: Most of the developers here seem to favor macs over pc’s. My guess is that Apple has at least 60% of the flex-nerd market.  Nice. The axiis framework is really something special.  Once they get… Read More »