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Flex, HTML5 or iOS: Where are things going?

Given the big announcements this past week from Adobe regarding their abandonment of the mobile Flash Player, along with their statements about their plans for Flex, I figure it is time for me to chime in with my own thoughts. I cannot say I was surprised by these announcements. Technology waves happen all the time… Read More »

Tile Options Demo using Flex 4

In a previous post, I showed a demo of a custom list component created with Degrafa.  I received a request for the same application done with Flex 4 and FXG, so I spent a little time converting it over and here is the result. (** requires Flash Player 10)

Core Flex 4 – Elements vs Children

When I started using Flex 4 I tried to get up to speed by using the new version in a manner similar to its predecessor until I came across roadblocks or when I determined I was able to take advantage of the new features I had heard about such as skinning, states, etc. I quickly… Read More »

Spark Physics with Flex 4 Components and Box2D

A while back I created a few demos showing how to combine ActionScript physics engines (as well as 3d engines) with Halo components to create a physics-enabled UI. I wanted to see what could be done using the new Flex 4 Spark components and I was very surprised to find that almost nothing had been… Read More »

The getStackTrace Super Bug

If you happen to be hitting an issue where an application runs fine in the debug version of the Flash player but hangs up in the normal version, read on. This could be your problem. I’ve made good use of a tip I picked up from McCune on generating a stacktrace in my logging statements… Read More »

Grading System Demo

When I started getting into Flex several years ago, the first real application I created was an online grading system for a small K-12 school that I was consulting with as a side gig.  That was around 2005, and after several years of use, the school has outgrown this initial design.  Since they are no… Read More »