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Midway Gun Fight

2015 – August Purchased this cabinet in very good condition from a fellow collector. Attempted to replace some capacitors to fix an issue with tube going blank after a few seconds immediately after machine was turned on. This problem goes away after the machine has warmed up. Initially it looked like the capacitor replacement had… Read More »

Lunar Lander – Repair Log

2013 – November Purchased on eBay, in fully restored condition 2014 – January Had a minor issue with loose chips that caused a ‘streak’ on the screen and resetting during game play. This was likely due to it being shipped from Minnesota. This was fixed by re-seating the chips. 2023 – January I noticed I’m… Read More »

Asteroids Deluxe – Repair Log

2017 – April Purchased the Asteroids Deluxe cabinet from a seller on eBay. Purchased a replacement bezel shroud to restore the blue-screen effect. Also purchased an Asteroids Deluxe Monitor Sheet as a fall back in case that didn’t work. 2017 – June Purchased a Braze Asteroids Deluxe Multi-game High Score Save Kit to keep scores… Read More »

Computer Space (Red) – Repair Log

2014 August Purchased Red computer space from a local friend 2022 October Found that the ship would get blurry or scrambled when being rotated. At other times, it would rotate but it would turn really fast, making it too hard to control the ‘English’ on the shots where you can direct them into the enemy… Read More »

Running Todo List

Gun Fight Install EasyCoinup; I had one for it but I had to use it for Star Wars after I destroyed the first one by using too much heat while soldering the wires to the pig tails on the EasyCoinup (they are very very delicate) Spy Hunter Check the board voltage. On startup the screen… Read More »